Introducing Irwin Linker

by I Sing the Body Electrc

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released August 23, 2011

music by Clint Smith
lead vocals by Niles Maddox, Joel Smith and Clint Smith
additional vocals provided by Doug Griffey
produced by Joel Smith, Niles Maddox and Doug Griffey



all rights reserved


I Sing the Body Electrc Knoxville, Tennessee

Please pardon the interruption. We are compelled to let you know that we are here fulfilling our mission. Mind control...and science!

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Track Name: Introducing Irwin Linker
Tame the rabid right out of a dog
with an out of tune one stringed...
Stuff their minds out to their ears
and return to reclaim it in 80 years

On a dare crashed every world fair
Removed a bullet with a drunken stare
Invented space travel with the help of M. Science
and takes you with the sound of cognitive bias

Serinade the maid with homemade lemonaide
Save a rave, misbehave, run away, ride the wave!
Track Name: Limestone
Way back in the days of Kitties
Before most stories that I have told
Two days straight and a Sunday morning
Early sun sets on a blanket of snow
She drove all day in her daddies car
While I slept on chills of the night before
Insane Indiana's gone and I got nothing but time
So I made up a Rhyme

You know life is like some limestone
slipping through the cracks
One segment fill it up and fill it again
But I get a sense of relief from the price you pay just to be part of everything
The order that existed before you did

Everything happens for a reason
the turn of the season
Something something something bleeding
Track Name: Sweet and Sour
Wonder in one step why I left
Right hand reaches for the one I kept
Something's wrong about today
I shouldn't leave without my shades

Every car you see is from the boom box scene
Trunk latched with a bungee in the back
Open you mouth and start speaking
Excuse the ears my brain is leaking

The animals run like an ego from a gun
Anonymous MCs at their extravagant feasts
The rats are killing all the birds
And misusing all the words

I reach in bag, I reach in my pocket
I reach for my bill-folded, five-sided wallet

Daffodils in the forest
The girl from Seinfeld was Dolores
Kind of rhymes with florist
Track Name: abcdefghihi
She went away for awhile, awhile, awhile
She traveled with her feet for miles and miles
Will I ever see her (ever) again will I?

I counted on and around til 5, til 5
I missed a call but did I? did I? did I?
When I breathe out so hard it's not a sigh

She wandered out my Timothy Learjet
I'll strip my own reordered alphabet

E is to G as A is to C to me
Track Name: TeeBeeGeeBee
Since I'm out, I'll out the in
As long as they loose I will always win

Between your poetry, laugh like it's obvious
Con the fee like it'sssssssssssssssssssssssss
and noun the emphasis
common sense is meaning less
Two words

Shared a cigarette on an elevator ride
God forbid you miss the hype
Now seems that I'm the one who's changed
I miss Lucy but TV's still the same
Behind the times is ahead of the curve

Between your poetry, laugh like it's obvious
Con the fee like it'sssssssssssssssssssssssss
and noun the emphasis
common sense is meaning less, meaning less

Trying to lobotomize evangelists, with sound
Track Name: Tom and Fairy
unintelligible emotion
Track Name: Refense
Chain link, wood slat
Broke my back climbing over that
No gate, no sign, no dogs. Beware!
Not like breaking in the county fair
I saw a sunset over there
Lasted days but stayed and stared
Drove back, let the robot steer
But something's keeping me and Edward here...

...My fence, your fence, defense, offense
I've been thinking of building a wall
a fence
offensive defense spending
a nation of space,
race to the top in case
A hard pill to swallow comes you way
You may need to stay in one place
Your home base belong to us,
just erase
That thinking of escape
can save you from your fate
It can't
so don't make no mistake
These people, these people will awake one day
theirs lives you can't take
whatever comes their way they can take it
so save it
Track Name: Why God What?
Why? Oh Why? Would you do this to me? Not now!
I was begining to become someone I wanted to be
And then, a sight it was to be seen
A whole group of people preaching death and misery
So mean!
So why god what was the point of existing
when the punchline is at our own expense
and then to ask of us, our only chance
to be apart of this expanse
Track Name: Sugar Beat
It's like you're the Mothman
and I'm the Mothman too
Came for the sound
but stayed for the view
Track Name: Wizzle Ticks
Funning runny, a giraffe's head
Don't want to meet that static cloud I haven't met
Don't like the traffic, just like the jam
I'm an inside-out, wise man I am
Track Name: Don't Call Me Shirley
Miss MacLaine

And then we talked about the sun

Hot vision
True Jean
Flashy dream in a one shot scene
Track Name: Everything But the Kitchen Sink
We traveled in the sink for miles and miles
Mostly cause it didn't match the kitchen tiles

Making, faking, all-mistaking
Neilson junkies over rating
Stating we don't need your love
Just send the check, we're waiting

Running, hiding, complaint-filing
Stand up on your soap box darling
All the bulls and horns won't last
I'd prefer a click to the clap

We're glad you came
We're glad you stayed

Lesson three, Chef Boyardee
Elizabeth Montgomery
Practicing the abc's
To carve some curse words in a tree

Lisp a sigh and whisper bye
Burn one down to build one high
Double up tomorrow night and
Get it right the second time