by I Sing the Body Electrc

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released March 15, 2010



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I Sing the Body Electrc Knoxville, Tennessee

Please pardon the interruption. We are compelled to let you know that we are here fulfilling our mission. Mind control...and science!

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Track Name: Let Me Begin With Some Poetry
Well let me begin with some poetry I wrote
About what you mean to me
You are something special
A sweet sweet rose
That I can't help but breathe
And when the asthma attack kicks in I don't freak out
No, I just think of you
You see you are a safe place
A warm haven
Sometime that's special in June

Let me pause with a short anecdote
About what I do when you're not here with me
I sit in my bedroom all day long
And write about when you'll be

Let me end with the story of us
And that way you'll always be
Sure of a love that is purer than lust
A love that we both see
Track Name: If You Give Me A Break I Might Just Shatter
So I just want to say,
All the years they go by
Evolution it takes from our peers a new life
As it builds to create
A new being it makes
And they'll just want to call it man
Fitting you with
A new prosthesis it gives
A view you never had before
A gift that gives and so much more
Its a transformation that creates the question
Are you YOU?

If you give me a break, I might just shatter!

So I just want to say,
Oh the years how they flew
And how all of the times that you all really knew
The true nature of things
The true names for the names
And how to get a perfect tan
We thought that to feel
Was what it mean to be real
But more than wires and wheels
A chance to pillage and steal
Now that Pandora's cracked her seal
Oh my how we kill
As evolution starts the timer over again!

If you give me a break, I might just shatter!
Track Name: Prkstr
That's when I texted her
I don't know what it said but
It was probably fucked up
Like they're already forming
She thought I was kidding
She should have been listening
Cause they were already making they're plans
So we picked up our bags and headed straight out of town
To where we thought we were safe but we didn't know how
To survive in an age
Where machines they can hate
We thought we were building our friends
Track Name: It's About Time
You can't obtain it without a permit to buy steal or sell
You just keep digging and you'll find your way out of this well
Till at some point you will realize
The bottom gets deeper still!
This is when it creeps up and plays with your will
It says:

Why would you waste all your hard earned pay just to be a slave?!?

Don't you think its about....

Time we stopped listening to what everybody says
And we make up our own minds about what makes us make sense
Is it life or faith or beauty that corrupts what we're in?
Like a virus spawned inside us who's only intent is to live
But by dividing and surviving its taken all the life that's given
Its the age that we live in
Its the fate that we've been given
Let's embrace it with charisma as it breaks our will and then some

Are we gonna be alright?
Well...are we gonna be alright?
Probably not but let's put up a fight
Yeah let's put up a fight
Let's put up a fight
or we die...
It's your choice, I've made mine.
Track Name: The Eternal Optimist pt. 2
No you can't
(no you can't)
No you can't
(no you can't)
Bring me down
(bring me down)
Because inside of my head there are hundreds of things that are trying to try to force their way out